WolframAlpha App Reviews

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Great app!

I cant always ask a teacher for help so this helps me sooooo much!!!!

Very Super Puper

Best of the best

Bring back step by step solutions

For years helped me get As in mathematics. I would check my homework answers with it and if it was incorrect the step by step would show me how to do it correctly. It used to be my virtual tutor in a sense. Please bring it back

Best App Ever..

An excellent tool on your hand. It helps me a lot. Simply love it.

Amazing except...

The step-by-step function has stopped working and really detracts from the app. An update fixing this would be greatly appreciated.

Terrible functionality on current iPad OS

MacOS made some sort of update and now this app pops up several times a day when Im trying to type. No other app does this and I never intentionally set anything up to be a pop-up sidebar because its incredibly annoying. Search logic is good, but eff whatever happened to the app. Removing.

Incredible app!

I dont have enough words to describe how great this app is!

Wonderful app

This is app is so help it even show you how to solve it is not just the answer that u get. The only thing that needs to be the best app is commands in other languages.

More people need to know about wolfram alpha

Better than google.

Excellent App, but Bring Back Step-by-Step

This app is wonderful! However, it used to be better. The step-by-step feature was taken away in recent updates, which is very frustrating when trying to understand a problem. The step-by-step works as a terrific guide and greatly benefits struggling students who invested in this app in order to help with their schoolwork. Please bring back this feature.


Amazing app. Saved so much time checking answers and for studying during upper level math classes in college.

Must have

Very good app. It teaches you differential equations, matrices and even option pricing definitions. Very affordable as well. Only $US3.

Wolfram Alpha is a treasure

Ive used this app many times for calculations mundane (covert Imperial to metric) to somewhat unusual (relativistic time dilation), and it has worked very well for me. If you have a need for anything Wolfram Alpha offers on your iPad and / or phone, get this app. A few advantages over just using the website: advanced copy-paste functions, improved formatting, history. WolframAlpha is more than just a mathematics tool. It also pulls from vast databases with, for example, population data, info about various corporations allowing interesting comparisons and much more. Try comparing Microsoft to Google, for instance by typing the two names as input.

Why isnt there a back button?

The camera doesnt do anything first of all, and also why cant I access what I previously typed in a search history. Then the biggest issue is that there is no recall button to see previous problems. Typing math isnt easy, and reviewing the problem your trying to understand is made harder by not being able to review previously typed in problems.

Awesome app

This app helped me with my algebra 1 homework its so nifty and useful!

Ive had this app for 4 years on 5 different devices.

I would recommend this app to anyone, point blank. This app has of-course, gone through UI & UX changes, and they removed some key features over time but the fact still remains, its an extremely useful & powerful engine. Giving people access to systematic knowledge and immediate computable access is important! Im an Industrial Designer and with Wolfram, I was able to learn and use Snells Law in real life, hot lasers and lenses haha! Thanks!

Powerful research tool simplified in your hands

From math to astronomy to demographics to entertainment, you name it. Comparisons, easy ways to formulate questions, examples... This guys deserve more support so they can continue improving this must have app.

E is for Excellent!

I suppose they could always add a new index: of how many people would like to be named whatever yours is. Other than that, however, the program is an excellent source of information regarding why going to school is a worthwhile phenomena.

Step by step solutions rip off update

Update removed step by step solutions, basically the free version in an app. Step by step used to be shown which is why I purchased this app. Now its worthless.

Very Helpful

I love Wolfram Alpha! This app has a brain of its own. It helps me with anything I need to know. From math to history, it will have the answers I need. What makes it even more amazing is that it is you can use the normal free version on the desktop or you can use the pro-version on that will show your work (providing you pay). All in all, this is an amazing app and I recommend it to anyone attending school or who wants to broaden their knowledge.

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