WolframAlpha App Reviews

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One of the best Apps on the store

Great answers to every day and education related queries we might be in our head. One Way to enhance It even further would be to offer more abilities to retrieve the results in helpful formats.

Great but...

Maybe it is a waste of the battery if the localisation is permanent during the use of the app. And will it be possible to access the pro version for the iphone? I would pay the subscription of pro for both iphone and of course computer but only if I can pay with the appstore... Please!


Definitely worth a beer... Or much much more

Terrible servers

Servers are always very slow. Now they dont even respond. Please fix.

Please : change app language

It will be perfect If language can be changed!


Extremely terrible app. Cant say anything else


As a professional mathematician I am deeply impressed. This solves almost everything and the interface is so much simpler than other software.


Great App, very useful.


Muito funcional

This is a very good app

Im from Recife in Brazil South America and I use this app all the time to resolve calculus problems it is fantastic. Can you imagine when AI is actually here amongst us? Its going be awesome...


I want my money back because not show the full calculation integral triple


Wonderful! Extremely useful!

Best scientific app

nothing else to say


Wolfram Alpha is probably the most useful app I have on my iPhone. No bugs, everything just works, thousands of different functions, just brilliant!



Wolfram is Alpha

& Omega. Simply the greatest

Only thing you really really need studying


iPad iOS 9

Split screen would be perfect.

Well done and working for iPad and iPhone

Worth every penny! Pay once and get it for iPhone and iPad.


Please translate wolframAlpha to german :)

  • send link to app